Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Here's Your Family Values Party

I'm sure many people have seen the video below, since it was on the Orange Behemoth, but if you haven't, watch it:

Some people might look at this and say, "Isn't that nice, a boy happy to see his dad." But you'll notice that the boy doesn't smile. He's bursting with all the emotions he's felt over the seven months since he last saw his father, and "happy" isn't one of them. It isn't as though his dad was away on a business trip, and now he's back, and he brought him a teddy bear. Brian Williams doesn't say how long it took the boy to stop crying, but I'll bet it was quite a while. And they weren't "tears of joy" - kids don't cry when they're happy. He's crying because finally seeing his father brings up all the pain he's been feeling.

At age six, children are beginning to have an understanding of what death means. Every night, this boy's mother has put him to bed, when he wished his father could be there, too. Chances are she's pretty stressed out, having to take care of her kids by herself while dealing with the fear that her husband will be coming home maimed, or racked with PTSD, or in a body bag. Every day this boy thinks about his father, and about the chance that he might never see him again. He's holding on to his father's neck with all the strength he can muster, in the vain hope that if he holds on tight enough, maybe his dad won't have to leave him again. But he will, and the boy probably knows that, too.

This anguish is felt by thousands upon thousands of American families, all brought to you courtesy of the people who say they "support the troops." If that doesn't make you want to scream, you have no soul.

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